HUNGARY, November 22nd, 2018 – Compass Ventures Group and leading political member’s from China’s Haidian district in Beijing, were invited by senior government officials to visit Csongrád County, a city located at the south of Hungary. The visit was managed and held exclusively by the President of Csongrád County Assembly, Mr Béla Kakas.

The objective of the visit is to share and expose Compass Ventures and the members of Haidian’s business in innovation and technology environment to Csongrád County, while forming new grounds for mutual collaboration on all business, technology and political aspects.

Compass Ventures, a specialist in fund management, project financing and technology investment, was led by Chariman, Dr. Ronen Dagon, and included additional participating members: Mr. Idan Dagon, Mr. Gray Xu and Mr. Ron Lustig.

From the Chinese side, the delegation included many important members from Haidian, which in itself is one of the leading districts in Beijing, China. Participating members from Haidian included: Mr. Yu Jun, Party Secretary of the Haidian District Committee of Beijing, Ms. Wang Weili, Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Haidian, Ms. Zhang Shifang,Director of Haidian District Commission of Housing and Construction of Beijing Municipality, Mr. Li Zhenshan, Secretary of Ganjiakou Sub-District Work Committee of Haidian, Mr. Zhong Fulin, Secretary of Xiangshan Sub-District Work Committee of Haidian, Mr. Zhangwei, Director of Haidian Sub-District Office of Haidian.

The delegation’s visit started at the government office of Csongrád County. After a warm welcome and mutual introduction on all sides, the parties explored the different beneficial ways they could forge a relationship together. One idea that came up was the establishment of a friendship city between Haidian and Szeged, the capital Csongrád. It was agreed that Haidian will invite the Mayor of Szeged to visit Haidian in 2019, and therefore continue the talks of creating a friendship city together.

The visit continued with a visit to Ministry of Technology and Innovation where the delegation as received by the Deputy State Secretary for Innovation, Mr. Ádám Szigeti. In the aim to seek mutual activities and collaboration, Mr. Szigeti shared the interest of the Hungarian Ministry to promote the University of Semmelweis, and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The parties discussed the potential collaborations possible in the exchange of academic programs, autonomous driving technologies, the establishment of science parks and much more.

The delegation’s visit followed by visiting Csongrád County’s leading universities: the University of Szeged located in Csongrád County, the University of Sommelweis located in Budapest, and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

At the University of Szeged the delegation was welcomed by Rector, Prof. László Rovó, , Chancellor, Dr. Judit Fendler, Prof. Márta Széll, Prof. Zoltán Kónya, Vice Rector Prof. Péter Zakar, Strategic Director General, Dr. Ildikó Csóka and Commissioner, Prof. Gábor Szabó.

The delegation visited the University Campus, and the Eli Science Park and discussed the potential collaboration opportunities between the University of Szeged and the different universities in Haidian including student exchange programs and additional knowledge transfer and collaboration activities.

At the University of Sommelweis, the delegation was received by the university’s Vice Rector of Scientific Affair, Dr. Péter Ferdinandy and the Director for Innovation, András Balog. During the visit the parties discussed the potential collaboration between the Sommelweis University and the different universities located in Haidian in the fields of medical education, trade industries and R&D.

At the Budapest University of Technology and Economics the delegation was hosted by Dean of Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering, Dr. István Varga and the Head of Business Development, Ms Veronika Erős. During the visit the parties discussed different exchange opportunities including the collaboration around autonomous driving and testing.