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Compass Biotech

Compass Bio Tech, a subsidiary of Compass Ventures Group, is the leading company in the fields of medical herbs and genetics R&D in Harbin. With the IP of the highest quality genetically engineered seeds, Compass Bio Tech is the single leading company the sits in every step of the value chain.


Recently, Compass Bio Tech began R&D of medical CBD products, development of genetics of medical CBD strains and more.


Compass HLS

Compass Homeland Security, a subsidiary of Compass Ventures General Group, was born as a result of the realization, on one hand, of the growing and changing HLS needs in the Asian markets, and the opportunities arising from such needs for innovative technologies, products and services.  On the other hand, the Israeli HLS market’s innovative and technological added value and ability to meet such needs enables Compass to provide for the aforementioned needs, and provide solutions to the presented challenges.


Heart to Heart

For more than 10 years Heart to Heart has specialized in providing professional assistance to clients looking for medical solutions worldwide. Handling all the necessary logistics and providing high level personalized assistance from A to Z; before, during and after the medical procedures. Building the best tailor-made packages to suit the individual needs and budget of international clients.


China Israel Innovation Center

Founded by the Haidian government, the China Israel Innovation Center (CIIC) was created with the vision to strategically bring to market Israel’s latest technologies while promoting the exchange of innovation, technology, research, networking and business collaboration between the two countries.


The Center has many things to offer to all visitors interested in learning more about collaborating with Israel, while getting a unique deep-dive into Israel’s latest innovation, technology research and business solutions across a wide range of sectors and industries ranging from Life Sciences, Environment and Artificial Intelligence.