On June 12th, the CIIC had the pleasure to welcome a very honorable and distinguished guest from Israel, Mr. Adiv Baruch, chairman of the Israel Export Institute (IEI). Mr. Baruch visited the CIIC in Beijing with the purpose of establishing cooperation between the IEI and the CIIC. Mr. Baruch received a warm welcome to the CIIC Beijing office by Mr. Moshe Kamar, GM of the CIIC, along with his team.

The Israel Export Institute, established in 1958, is a non-profit organization which promotes Israel’s industrial capabilities through business cooperation on all levels. It is an Israeli governmental agency which operates under the Ministry of Trade and Labor to facilitate trade opportunities, joint ventures, and strategic alliances between international businesses and Israeli companies.

Mr. Baruch was accompanied by Mr. Moshe Kamar for a full tour of the CIIC, including the office area, the lecture area, and the exhibition area.

Mr. Kamar briefly explained to Mr. Baruch that the CIIC was established by the combined efforts of Compass Ventures Group and ZGC Street Management Company, with the blessing and full support of the Haidian District government. The CIIC is currently representing over 150 different entities from Israel, ranging from a variety of verticals such as universities, research institutes, high-tech companies and many more. The CIIC’s aims to promote the state of Israel within China in a wide range of aspects such as culture, history, achievements, academy, technology, knowledge, innovation and more. The CIIC hopes to do so with the vision of becoming the leading center between the two nations, by creating success stories and prosperous collaborations.

Following his tour and introduction, Mr. Baruch was very impressed by the CIIC. He stated that the Israeli Export Institute has facilitated many successful activities, conferences, and events between Israel and China over the years on a yearly basis and is now looking forward to promoting a long term working relationship between the Israeli Export Institute and the CIIC.