The 5th China Science & Technology City International Hi-tech Expo took place on September 7th-9th in Mianyang and was organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China and the People’s Government of the Sichuan Province. Since 2013, the Mianyang exhibition has been recognized as a state-level international science and technology exhibition which influences the hi-tech industries both in China and abroad. The primary objective of the exhibition is to facilitate China’s national innovation-driven development strategy, and boost innovation and breakthrough development of Mianyang’s science & technology industries, which is one of China’s main science and technology cities.


As per the Mianyang tradition to invite a different innovative country each year, Israel, one of the world’s leading start-up nations was invited as a guest country, to showcase its best technology and development companies. As such, Compass Ventures Group, a worldwide leader specializing in sourcing technologies and cutting edge solutions from around the world, including key expertise in the Israeli market, was invited by the Chinese government to participate in the summit and exhibit its latest portfolio of ground-breaking technologies.


The Compass Ventures Group pavilion which covered over 800 sqm, boasted a variety of the Compass’s holdings and Israeli technologies, ranging from a multitude of sectors including: environment, aquatech and agriculture, soil, water and waste treatment technology, homeland and public security, safe and smart city, healthcare, beauty and pharma, new materials, Internet of Things (IoT), automotive and robotics.


During the 3-day exhibition, the Compass Ventures pavilion hosted 45 different Israeli technologies and provided networking and business opportunities between China and Israel, with the goal to bridge market potential and future collaborationw between the two countries. The Compass pavillion’s key areas of focus were Water, Agriculture and Environment, Homeland and Public Security, and Smart and Safe City Solutions. Additional Compass areas showcased a range of unique innovative new materials-based solutions from 3D printing to special textile materials in addition to life sciences and automotive innovation.



The Environment, Water and Agriculture area showcased the company’s leadership in environmental technology solutions, being one of the largest professional soil and groundwater remediation service providers in the world. Among the leading companies in this section were different Israeli cutting-edge water, wastewater treatment and particle emission solutions as well as a unique technology for cold-chain monitoring


Compass-HLS, one of the Compass Group leading companies, showcased the latest Homeland and Public Security solutions from leading Israeli companies that specialize in comprehensive turn-key security solutions for safety and security.

In the Compass Life Sciences area, a range of unique Israeli-developed healthcare and medicare solutions were exhibited such as  portable wound care and reproduction technology devices, surgery and cardiology products, nano-level analysis and detection innovation, including patented skincare products ranging from laboratory research creams to phototherapy.



Dr. Ronen Dagon, Chairman of Compass Ventures, was invited to give a welcoming speech at the conference. Dr. Dagon welcomed the increased business collaboration between China and Israel and underlined the importance of creating an ecosystem that bosts the ongoing exchange and transfer of R&D, innovation and technology between the two countries.



Mr. Moshe Kamar, CEO of Compass Ventures, was invited as a guest speaker to talk about bringing Israeli technologies into China. Mr. Kamar shared the latest trends in the high-tech and innovation industries in both Israel and China, while emphasizing the process of transferring new technologies into the Chinese market in a win-win approach.



Mr. Guy Zuri, VP Technologies at Compass Ventures gave a focused lecture on transferring technology from the military industry into the civil business world. Mr. Zuri highlighted the importance of having an open discussion and joint cooperation between all bodies involved including government, military, high-tech and the civil industries.




About the Mianyang China Science & Technology City International Hi-tech Expo

The Mianyang China Science & Technology City International Hi-tech Expo has emerged as an empowering platform that enables exchanges of the trial of national comprehensive innovation and reform, boosts the exhibition and exchanges of international and domestic military-civilian integration, facilitates the display and exchanges of domestic and overseas scientific and technological achievements and talents, prompts the issue of national scientific and technological information, policies, and projects, and drives the investment and promotion of high and new technologies and strategic emerging industries. Efforts have been made to shape High-Tech Expo as an internationally renowned exhibition brand highlighting military-civilian integration. From 2014 to 2016, High-Tech Expo has been awarded the title of “China’s Top 10 Exhibition Brands” on three occasions, and was identified as a leading exhibition guided and supported by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China in 2015, and is one of the two major exhibitions of Sichuan on par with the Western China International Fair.

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