Due to its strategic location and unique political role, Tianjin has carried out a critical function in past centuries in China. In recent years, the highly promoted policy “Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei triangle integration” triggered a new revival on Tianjin. Soaring on that wind, the Compass HLS team was honorably invited and received by the Government of Tianjin Economic Development District and Tianjin Free Trade Zone.

Tianjin Economic Development District ( “TEDA”) covers hundreds of thousands kilometers, including offices, manufacturing, residential, commercial, entertainment and all other fully equipped facilities. After a general self introduction by both parties, the chief professional from Compass-Afcon, Mr. Shay Rozenblat, presented Afcon’s profile and its highlighted solutions in various fields.

TEDA Government expressed strong interest in the technology introduction, especially in terms of Compass’  environmental and security solutions, and referred to specific projects that could be of great relevance.

Afcon’s unique smart Parking system also drew great interest. The so called “Kingdom of Automotive”, China, now is indulged in traffic & parking problems everyday. Afcon’s solution provides flexibility, productivity, intelligence, convenience, perfectly fitting for the local needs. We are looking forward to seeing the continuous proceedings on this issue.

Tianjin Free Trade Zone, which meanwhile bears another 2 titles, “Tianjin Airport Economic Zone” and “Tianjin Tax-free Zone”. Located in Airport region, the Zone undertakes plenty of tasks related to aviation and aerospace. It is also the first Free Trade Zone in China and the only one in the North. Compass Afcon Port Management solution exactly hit their needs, and we believe that a win-win situation shall be achieved between the Zone and Compass.

The warm hospitality in Tianjin made Compass team feel at home, and we do hope a closer relation established by cooperation.