On the morning of September 3rd, the Director General of the Israeli Environmental Protection Ministry, David Leffler, Compass investment group chairman, Dr. Ronen Dagon, and Compass CEO Moshe Kamar visited Tsinghua university and met with President Ji Shi Shan, Vice President, Andrew Lau and assistant dean Liuren Chen to discuss an plan collaboration activities. President Ji Shi Shan gave a brief introduction of Tsinghua University to Compass, and spoke of Israel’s high-tech revolution, and expressed excitement to continue cooperation with Compass. The meeting focused on collaboration with the government of Israel in the fields of Environmental Protection. Ronen Dagon, Chairman of Compass, presented the company’s main business platform and presented some of Compass’s innovative water treatment solutions. After, the two sides discussed further collaborations on other specific projects such as the treatment of Cerebral Palsy.