BEIJING, November 15, 2017 – The agreement on the establishment of the China-Israel Innovation Equity Investment Fund (CIIF), was signed today between Compass Ventures Group, a worldwide investment company focusing on in innovation and technology, JIIC Capital, a specialist in private equity fund management and the Zhongguancun (ZGC) Street Management company, a Beijing state-owned assets and investment management company in Haidian district.

Zhongguancun Street is recognized as China’s “Silicon Valley” and is known as an area investing and encouraging R&D as well as Science and Technology innovation across a range of fields and industries on both on national and global aspects.

Under this new agreement, all three partners agreed on to establish and operate the China-Israel Innovation Equity Investment Fund. The Fund is set to promote innovation and technology transfer, between Chinese and Israeli companies, while strategically focusing on the fields of Fintech and Artificial Intelligence.

This partnership is set to invest in Israeli companies with a unique breakthrough technologies, enabling the Chinese market to adapt, scale and roll-out the technology locally and expand its usability and accessibility across the nation, thus delivering a win-win for all parties.

Participants of the signing ceremony included Mr. Moshe Kamar, CEO of Compass Ventures, Mr. Du Peng, General Manager ZGC and Mr. Liu Ligang, General Manager, JIC Capital.



 About Compass Ventures Group (Compass VGG)

Compass Ventures Group is a leading holding group specializing in new innovative technologies, investing and managing leading technology projects around the globe. Compass was founded by former senior World Bank and world-class executives, each bringing unique global exposure and expertise with extensive business experience and know-how which form the key pillars of Compass’ vision and success. The global Compass network is strategically spread-out across leading and target markets, differentiating Compass by its multinational reach and ease of building ties in any market. With a large-scale portfolio of business contacts, experts, and key market leaders, Compass is a leading innovation expert across a wide range of sectors: environmental protection, water, green technology, security, automotive, medical, security, smart city, safe city and additional high-tech fields.