BEIJING, May 7th, 2018 – The China International Defense Electronics Exhibition (CIDEX) is the only defense electronics exhibition in China that is sponsored by the nation’s military authorities. CIDEX serves as a global platform to showcase the latest innovation and technologies in the field of Defense Electronics across Asia and additional international markets. Compass Ventures, a global leader in sourcing advanced innovative technologies across sectors including homeland security, IOT, and smart and safe city was invited to visit the show and explore the latest offers, solutions and trends in this field.

The exhibition area which covered over 40,000 square meters, was divided into a different industry fields including weapons, aviation, aerospace, and shipping. The show also included a range of interactive booths, where visitors could experience advanced technologies such as using virtual reality technology to create a simulation of a training system developed for portable air defense missiles.

With over 400 participating companies from over 15 countries, the Compass Ventures team, led by its CEO, Mr. Moshe Kamar, met with a range of leading Chinese defense companies who presented their latest products in defense electronic technologies.

The Compass Ventures team also attended the different forums and professional sessions that were offered in the fields of electronic countermeasures, anti-terrorism, emergency response operations, and geographic mapping technology.


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