On Mar. 15th of 2016, the Compass HLS Team, led my Mr. Moshe Kamar, met with the deputy mayor of Qinghuangdao, the head of Investment Promotion Bureau, the director of Western Port Relocation Office, and the chairman of Qinghuangdao Water Discharge Co., Ltd in the city of Qinghuangdao.

The discussion began with each party introducing itself, and afterwards, the chief professional from Compass-Afcon, Mr. Shay Rozenblat, delivered a very speech on some of their key technologies, such as the Harmony Gateway Solution, and V-Alert.

Qinghuangdao is not only famous for one of the most significant ports in the region, but,being located close to Beijing, it also serves the function of recreation and retreat for top central governmental leaders. Therefore, the local government puts great effort into continually modernizing the city and thus found interest in utilizing cutting-edge technologies provided by Compass. Apart from Afcon’s Port Management Solution, Compass’s Water Treatment, Land Remediation, Agricultural high-tech, all drew great interest.

Both parties considered this trip meaningful and constructive, with Qinghuangdao stating their desire to integrate Compass’ technology, and further explore avenues for cooperation.