In December 2015, Compass HLS introduced Afcon to the Chinese market. Afcon is a leading Israeli technological company, responsible for the protection of Israel’s most sensitive sites (government, military, utility etc).

The team of Maj. General (ret.) Giora Eiland (former head of the Israeli National Security Council), the Co-President of Compass HLS, Mr. Shay Rozenblat, the CTO of Afcon and Mr. Alex Liu, the business development manager of Compass HLS and other visitors, paid a formal visit to China South Industrial Group. All parties are considering having further discussions and starting working groups together.

Afcon has various sensors equipped with advanced analysis algorithms to eliminate false alarms via a special GATE AUTOMATION SYSTEM for ports and stations. Afcon’s V-alert system is installed on Israel’s borders, esteemed security agencies, water facilities, power plants etc. China South Industrial Group and Afcon had a pleasant discussion about further communication in the future. Mr. Rozenblat responded to different technical questions fielded by local companies. It is agreed that further technical communication between the parties will be the next step towards cooperation in the future.

More information about Afcon may be found at www.compasshls.cn