Joint venture technology projects

Compass Ventures is an innovative Joint Venture and project management fund raising leader

Our expertise expands to global technologies transfer, basing our business activity on the Compass Creative Financing® methodology.

The Asian economy continues to grow rapidly. As such, Asia continues to lead as a favored market with real prospects of growth. Foreign investment grew to around $512 billion in 2018. Currently, Asia is in the middle of a strategic shift from manufacturing to innovating, introducing the concept of added value to their production. This wind of change enables the emergence of new technologies.

In response to the Chinese demand for technologies, Compass is currently collaborating with the NDRC and NDRC-ICC in establishing a technology transfer platform. This vital collaboration enables the establishment of technology projects between top international players and Chinese corporations looking for state-of-the art technological solutions.

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  • Industry 4.0
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  • Semiconductor



Global infrastructure and construction projects

Compass Ventures has vast experience in the provision of project investment around the world and this experience has led it to become the ideal partner for industry leaders, and government entities seeking to expand their activities and penetrate new regions.  The Compass management team incorporates a unique experience that provides a deep understanding of global project investment needs and a unique understanding of local markets around the world.  Compass leverages these capabilities and cooperates with top governmental entities, financial institutions, and leading Asian international Engineering and Construction groups to provide project financing and implement turn-key solutions for large-scale projects in areas such as Africa, the Middle East, Central & South America, as well as former Soviet Union countries. Our comprehensive solutions are tailored to optimize international activity and cooperation between continents and cultures.

Compass project investment is managed by executives with deep experience in a variety of related fields that allows Compass to provide a unique platform.   This includes senior executive experience at organizations such as the World Bank, leading international conglomerates, government parliament, and top Israeli security organizations.  In addition, Compass’s project investment team includes senior executive experience from Asia’s leading international conglomerates.  The vast experience of our team allows Compass to deliver complete project investment solutions to our customers.

We provide comprehensive turnkey infrastructure, equipment, and technology projects worldwide.   Our projects are generally government to government with countries that have bilateral agreements with Asian countries.  To deliver top level results, Compass works in cooperation with the largest Asian conglomerates and financial institutes in Asia.  Our projects are generally EPC + F (engineering, procurement, and construction) plus financing and in some cases BOT or PPP (public-private partnership) projects.  In addition to delivering comprehensive project investment solutions, our customers often gain a unique advantage by including advanced Israeli or other countries’ equipment and technology that is under the Compass umbrella.

China-Israel Innovation Center


Discover what the China-Israel Innovation Center has to offer

Supported by the Haidian government, the China Israel Innovation Center (CIIC) was founded as a result of a collaboration between Compass and ZGC street. The CIIC was created with a vision, to serve as a platform for Israel’s most innovative and groundbreaking technologies to enter the Asian market, along with the goal of promoting the spirit of innovation, technology, research, networking, and collaboration between the two countries.

Today, the CIIC serves as a platform, bringing together the world’s most advanced, cutting edge technologies from the world-renowned “Start-up  Nation” that is Israel to exhibitions, and key players from the Asian market from a variety of technological sectors, from investors to leading distributors and many more.


The center operates amongst Israel’s latest innovative technology, research, and business solutions across a diverse selection of sectors and industries ranging from Life Sciences, Environment and Artificial Intelligence.





Accelerating growth in a variety of regions

At Compass, we identify opportunities in China, India, and emerging markets, turning these into viable businesses through strong partnerships in the public and private sectors. We are experts at introducing advanced technologies into a variety of industries by establishing and running projects as a local entity in the relevant market. Managed by a team of experts in each industry of activity, Compass has a wide network that extends to local businesses and governmental entities, facilitating the establishment of projects locally.

The increasing globalization of the Asian economy is leading to a growing need for modern technologies with the latest advancements. Over the past two decades, Asia has positioned itself as a dominant player in the world’s economy with accelerated growth and industrialization, foreign investments, and technology transfers, allowing Asia to emerge as a highly attractive base for the development and provision of technology products and services.

Compass Ventures has established alliances with leading companies in China, India, and around the world, extending its business network to new territories. Compass’ global expansion services enable businesses and entrepreneurs to penetrate the sought-after, rapidly growing, Chinese market, as well as other territories including India, North and Southeast Asia. Compass Project Financing exports Asian enterprises to emerging markets worldwide enabling capitalization on their entrepreneurial, technological and operational capabilities.


In recent years, China has displayed immense business potential as it emerges as a manufacturing powerhouse, overtaking the United States in becoming the world’s largest producer of manufactured goods. Leveraging its huge manufacturing engine, China has boosted its living standards by doubling the country’s GDP over the past decade, further displaying impressive growth.

Nonetheless, despite advancements, China is currently facing new challenges as its economic growth is beginning to wane while wages and other cost factors rise. These include the cost of imported materials, which are increasing and are more difficult to control; value chains which are becoming more complex; and consumers, who are becoming more sophisticated and demanding.

This is taking place on the backdrop of a harsh macroeconomic reality where manufacturing growth is slowing more quickly than aggregate economic growth. For example, China is already losing new factory investments to lower cost locations such as Vietnam, sparking concern about China’s manufacturing competitiveness.

Despite variations across manufacturing subsectors, companies—Chinese owned and multinational alike—can’t escape the need to raise their game and move up the value chain by boosting productivity and refining product-development approaches with R&D and new technologies being introduced into production.

The future of the Chinese economy is to build a strong, value-added industry that will be built on Innovation, R&D, and high-end technologies. In the meantime Chinese leaders are demanding an end to the “Made in China” era, suggesting a movement to “Innovated by China”. As such Chinese companies are looking for new cooperation in the technology sphere via joint ventures with leading international players. This is where Compass Ventures steps in. At its core, Compass believes in technology-driven innovation and brings such technologies into China in the form of projects aimed at driving growth. With the support of Chinese governmental entities such as the NDRC and NDRC-ICC, Compass Ventures facilitates the establishment of such projects and brings innovation to a variety of industries.



Compass Ventures specializes in identifying business opportunities in China and delivering the right solutions for the relevant local industry. Compass operations in China are mainly responsible for bridging valuable partnerships between Chinese and overseas entities for the establishment of technological projects that bring growth to the relevant field. Compass China specializes in, among others, establishing large-scale governmental initiatives.

Compass has signed a valuable agreement with the NDRC-ICC, providing Compass with close relations and direct contact with China’s central and local governments, research institutes, state-owned companies and private entities. In addition, the agreement supports project financing while supporting the Chinese go-global notion that extends foreign relations with Chinese businesses.

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Compass is in further collaborations with the CCIEE, the strongest Chinese entity for promoting China’s economic exchanges domestically and internationally.


In recent years the Indian market has displayed ample business potential, attracting a large number of foreign investors seeking to drive growth in the territory. As a technology-focused and project management-oriented venture firm, Compass has penetrated the Indian market with various activities in the Agro and GreenTech sectors.

Compass is constantly expanding its activities in India by introducing innovative technologies via new projects in various industries. Compass has established strong ties with Indian political leaders and leading business entities to facilitate project establishment and delivery. In addition, Compass is constantly engaged with Indian parties for cooperation in new ventures in the local market.


Singapore, and its growing economy and strategic positioning, present vast opportunities for advanced and cutting edge technologies, both for local implementation and as a showroom for emerging regions and economies.

Singapore’s heightened regulation and advanced market practice in the area of environmental protection allow for unique opportunities for implementation of high-end technological projects and solutions.

Singapore’s advanced internal security forces and systems make it a strategic market for deployment of leading security technologies and solutions.

Following such developments and the market’s needs, Compass has formed Compass Tech SG, and partnered with regional market leaders in Singapore and Sri Lanka, concentrating on expanding Compass’ activities and implementing cutting-edge technologies and solutions in Singapore, Sri Lanka, and adjacent countries and regions, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and others.


Africa is of increasing strategic significance to the global economy. The Compass Ventures Group in Africa [MS1] contributes to strengthening regional economies by looking for opportunities to enhance Africa´s development. Compass Africa is an emerging force in creating business and network opportunities across the continent. Compass Africa specializes in barter project establishment, involving cooperation between African and foreign governments to execute infrastructure projects in Africa in exchange for raw materials or government concessions. These projects are highly beneficial for both parties involved, yielding win-win scenarios that are cost effective, efficient and promote the local economy and workforce.

The Compass Ventures Group serves as a bridge between global ventures and oversees opportunities in governmental sectors as well as in business arenas worldwide. Our global expertise and professional team, comprised of senior economists, international traders and engineers, enable us to seize opportunities and execute seamlessly.


Eastern Europe has long been a developing market full of potential. Compass Ventures has been active in various countries in the region, with an emphasis on projects in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Since initiating its operations in Russia, Kazakhstan and the Ukraine, Compass has been a one-stop-shop for doing business there. As such, Compass is frequently approached by international enterprises seeking to explore business development possibilities in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Compass operates in Russia, Kazakhstan and the Ukraine using a strategy that diversifies its activities across different services, catering to different sectors. Below are some of Compass’ channels of activity across various industries:

  • Real Estate & Asset Management
  • Project Financing & Management​
  • Financial Insurance & Reinsurance​
  • Project Risk Mitigation​
  • Energy
  • Infrastructural projects​
  • Roads and Transportation​
  • Agriculture