David D’or


World-renowned singer, songwriter, composer and fine artist David D’or believes in connections. Whether reaching out with love and acceptance to all with his breathtaking and unique four-octave voice or touching hearts and minds with his artistic works that go beyond the superficial definitions that separate people, D’or is determined to connect the world with his passion and creativity.

D’or’s illustrious career began in the late 1980s and has spanned the globe for over 35 years. Now, the gifted singer with an astonishing four-octave range and Contra Tenor voice, is an acclaimed master of many music genres, effortlessly moving among and harmoniously melding classical, pop, Broadway show tunes and world music genres.

From “David D’or,” his first album released in 1991, to today with 15 Gold and Platinum albums to his credit, D’or is universally acknowledged as having one of the world’s most incredible voices, with tones ranging from high contra-tenor notes down to the deepest baritone.

People of all cultures, races and religions from every end of the earth have flocked to see him perform in countries as China, Australia, France, Spain, India, Morocco, Twain, Singapore, the United States and beyond. Over the course of his career, D’or has been honored with invitations to perform for many heads of state, kings and queens and religious leaders, bringing his message of unity and peace along with his soaring singing voice to key influencers around the world.

He’s entertained at the invite of the Vatican six times, sang for Former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, performed for the U.N. at the decade memorial event remembering September 11, opened the Chinese New Year celebrations in the Forbidden City in Beijing in 2011, performed in the opening event of the Shanghai Expo with the Shanghai Philharmonic in 2011, awarded “the song of the year” in 2014 in China by the Chinese government broadcasting authority and has enjoyed a very special relationship with Israeli President Shimon Peres, who even asked specifically for D’or to sing at his funeral.

D’or has also performed with many leading philharmonic orchestras including the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra, the Baltimore Symphony, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Israel and the Philharmonic Orchestras of Rome, London, Moscow, Shanghai, Budapest, Beijing, Los Angeles and many others.

The famed conductor Zubin Mehta invited D’or to appear as a solo vocalist in a series of concerts with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra in the work “Carmina Burana.” Later, D’or, in collaboration with David Eaton, the conductor of the New York Symphonic Orchestra, wrote the classical work “Hallelujah,” leading to numerous invitations to perform the piece together.

In addition to creating iconic tunes like “Watch Over the World, Child,” “Delicate Hand,” “Voices from Heaven” and “I’m Flying,” and constantly touring with sold-out shows both in his home country of Israel and in many other countries across the globe, D’or is dedicated to giving back, often donating the proceeds of his shows to important causes including contributing aid for all victims of natural disasters, as well as for children’s hospitals and for children with autism.

He has received honorary citizenship awards for his charitable work from both Korea and Italy and badges of honor from New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. He was also named “Masterpiece Man” by the Global “Lions Club” organization, for his significant contribution to the world community.

More recently, D’or has added painting to his accomplishments. In 2013, his book “The Sound of Color,” was published, filled with his paintings that were exhibited along with a concert in Tel Aviv; and in 2016 an exhibition of D’or’s work on canvas called “Layers” was shown there as well. He’s currently working on an innovative and collaborative new art project known as “Can Vas – The Movement,” which combines live human subjects incorporated into his painted canvases in performance art events that are transformed into fascinating photographic works of art.

D’or looks forward to continuing to travel the world and unifying those around the globe through his music and art.

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