Reaching its next huge milestone, The China Israel Innovation Center made its debut launching its first conference discussing how to promote Israeli Technologies in China

On the afternoon of April 4th, the first conference of The China-Israel Innovation Center (CIIC) with the theme of “How to Promote the Development of Israeli Innovative Technologies in China” was held at Zhongguancun International Innovation Building. The CIIC was co-sponsored by Compass Ventures Group, together with its partner Zhongguancun Operation Management Co., Ltd.. Compass Ventures Group, a leader in its field, was chosen to promote Israeli technologies in Haidian together with the Zhongguancun Operation Management Co. This is the first time that the CIIC has been unveiled after the announcement of establishing the Innovation Center in Herzliya in 2017, following nearly two years’ preparatory work.

Many key people took part in the conference, among others were: Li Junjie, member of the Standing Committee of Beijing Haidian District Committee, deputy head of the district, and director of the Haidian Park Management Committee, Liu Minhua, deputy director of the Beijing Talent Work Bureau,
Wang Jiwu, chairman of TUS-Holdings, Duan Haibo, deputy general manager of Zhongguancun Development Group, Guo Chunjing, the president of Heilongjiang Academy of Science, Zhang Weijun, president of Advanced Technology Institute of Heilongjiang Academy of Science, Jia Weiguo, Investment Director from Huarong, Sam Baror, board director from Compass US, Ashan Malalasekera, CEO of Compass Tech Asia, and various other guests participated in this event;

Under the spirit of “innovation and comprehensive partnership” between
China and Israel, the cooperation in the field of innovation is deepening.
Beijing Zhongguancun (Haidian), known as China’s Silicon Valley, is the core area of ​​China’s innovation field, bringing together the top universities and research institutions within a complete ecosystem and attracting talent. Israel is unique in technological innovation and is known worldwide as a “Start Up Nation”. For this reason, Compass Ventures Group prepared the largest exhibition center of its kind in China which presents dozens of Israel’s top technologies in various fields, including: Life Science, Semiconductors, New Materials, Automotive, Environment, Artificial Intelligence , Public Security and more. In addition to technologies , The CIIC will present information about Israel’s top universities and research institutes including the IVC research Institute which can provide information regarding more than 8,000 different tech-companies in Israel.

Chairman of Compass Ventures Group, Chairman of CIIC, Dr. Ronen Dagon delivered a speech

Dr. Ronen Dagon, Chairman of Compass Ventures Group, and Chairman of CIIC focused on “how the CIIC will promote Israeli innovative technologies in China”. He firstly expressed his gratitude to the Chinese friends who have made efforts for the completion of the center. Dr. Dagon said that the China-Israel Innovation Center is a platform created by the joint efforts of Zhongguancun and Compass Ventures Group with the great support of the Haidian District Government. “The center will deepen the multi-dimensional cooperation in the field of science and innovation, help Chinese enterprises go out, and Israeli companies come in.”

Mr. Du Peng, Vice President of TUS-Holdings, and General Manager of Zhongguancun Operation Management Co, also serves as the co-chairman of CIIC. Du Peng said that the CIIC has received strong support from the Haidian District Government during the preparatory process and got a lot of attention from different governmental entities. The center will play a special role in Zhongguancun plan to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Haidian  “The China-Israel Innovation Center is an open platform, and welcomes any cooperation between the Chinese and Israeli governments, research institutions, investment institutions, and innovative companies.”

Vice President of Qidi Holdings, General Manager of Zhongguancun Operation Management Co., Ltd., and Dupon, Co-Chairman of CIIC China Innovation Center, presided over the meeting

Compass Ventures Group CEO, Mr. Moshe Kamar was talking about “Israeli technologies ecosystem,” Mr. Kamar was introducing the IVC research institute and provided a lot of information about Israel’s investment ecosystem in recent years including Chinese investment trends from recent years. Mr. Kamar said that he believes that cooperation in the high-tech industry between China and Israel has great potential and welcomes more Chinese enterprises to come and invest in Israeli technologies. According to Mr. Kamar CIIC is the perfect platform for such cooperation.

Compass Group CEO Moshe Kamar introduced the Israeli data center IVC and the Israeli technology ecosystem

The president of Compass Ventures Group, Mr. Dan Raviv, introduced a series of books in Chinese launched by Compass Ventures Group and published by Tsinghua Press. The books will discuss how the Jewish people learned to think “out of the box” which took a big role in many achievements and contributions to the progress of mankind.

President of Compass Mr. Dan Raviv

Wang Jiwu, chairman of TUS-Holdings, said that TUS has been committed to building a global innovative ecosystem. TUS-Holdings, together with China Development Group and Haidian District, jointly built Zhongguancun Company with the goal of promoting global innovative culture in Beijing. Today, we see the platform of the China-Israel Innovation Center which strategically important cooperation for China is. Mr. Wang hopes that this platform will continually expand and develop mutual cooperation and exchange between China and Israel, promoting the two-way landing of China-Israel technology innovation enterprises.

Mr. Wang Jiwu, chairman of TUS-Holdings visited the office and display area of CIIC China Innovation Center

Visitors to the China-Israel Innovation Center and the conferences were enthusiastic about the topic of cooperation.

Li Junjie (fifth from left), member of the Standing Committee of Beijing Haidian District Committee, deputy head of the district, Liu Minhua (seventh from left), deputy director of the Beijing Talents Bureau, and Shang Guanwei (fourth from the left), the assistant to the Haidian District mayor, and the chairman of the Compass Dr. Ronen Dagon (5th from right), CEO of Compass Mr. Moshe Kamar(4th from right), President of Compass Mr. Dan Raviv(3rd from right), Compass Board of director Mr. Samual Baror (2nd from left)

Mr. Liu Minhua, the deputy director of the Beijing Talents Bureau, said that Israel is an important country for international cooperation in science and technology in Beijing, especially in the fields of Life Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, and Agriculture technologies. The construction of the China-Israel Innovation Center coincides with the hope that it will become an important platform for promoting innovation and exchange between the two countries in terms of talents, industries, and investments.

Extended reading:

In August 2017, the director of the Haidian District Government Office, Sha Haijiang, led a delegation to visit Israel to witness the unveiling ceremony of the “China-Israel Innovation Center (Tel Aviv) Office”.

In September 2017, Dr. Ronen Dagon, Chairman of Compass, visited the Haidian District and visited the Haidian District Party Committee. The two sides held a discussion on the establishment of the China-Israel Innovation Center and Haidian District. Cooperation in the friendship city of Herzliya City began.

In November 2018, Haidian District Party Committee Secretary Yu Jun led a government delegation to visit Israel to sign the agreement between Haidian District and Herzliya City, and China-Israel made positive progress in technological innovation cooperation and friendship city conclusion.