On March 13th, Mr. Moshe Kamar, Compass CEO, led a delegation to Yixing, Jiangsu Province. Yixing is known as the top city for environmental protection in China. Yixin has numerous environmental protection companies preforming water treatment design, installation, and maintenance of water equipment.

Compass-Aqwise held meeting with representatives of local companies in Yixing. Mr. Zoli Bihari, CTO of Compass-Aqwise, made a detailed presentation of Compass-Aqwise technology, followed by technical questions session. Compass-Aqwise deepened its relationship with many local companies throughout the visit. Compass-Aqwise then visited Jiangsu Lason Chemical Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.

Lason chairman, Mr. Jiang Weiqun,  hosted the delegation warmly. Mr.Jiang introduced  Lason’s activities regarding chemical, pharmaceutical, dying, pesticide water treatment. Mr.  Kamar expressed Compass-Aqwise’s advantages in chemical and pharmaceutical industrial waste water treatment.

The parties agreed to pursue the  many avaiable opportunities for cooperation.