CEO of Compass Ventures Group Mr. Moshe Kamar and Chairman of ZAFH Group Ms. Jiang Nan

On November 9th, Mr. Moshe Kamar, CEO of Compass Ventures Group, and Ms. Jiangnan, chairman of ZAFH Investment Management Co.Ltd., signed a cooperation agreement in Beijing with the purpose of transferring innovative and cutting-edge technologies from Israel, Europe and the US to China by jointly establishing an investment fund, and bringing global innovative resources to China.

Compass is an investment holding company engaged in global innovative technology investment and project management, with leading global technology investment and management experience. Compass was founded by former world bank executives and consists of top economists, entrepreneurs, and scientists in the world. Compass has more than 100 subsidiaries around the world, involving many high-tech fields such as environmental protection, water, green technology, public security, automotive, medical treatment, smart and safe city, artificial intelligence, semiconductors, and more.

Founded in 2007, ZAFH is an equity investment enterprise (PE) registered in AMAC (head of CSRC). Focusing on the investment and financing of enterprises in the growth period, connecting enterprises with the capital market to establish a perfect capital channel, creating share value for enterprises through long-term investment and professional value-added services, and manage professional investment groups in consumer goods, medicine, medical agriculture, equipment manufacturing, chemical industry, new materials, TMT, new energy, environmental protection minerals, oil, finance and other fields. The team conducts long-term research, tracking, and investment, and has set up professional funds in some fields, and has a large number of investment in growth and maturity projects in all fields involved.

The cooperation will focus on technologies related to humanitarian fields such as life science, environment protection, energy, agriculture, and more, leveraging the technological innovation cooperation between China and Israel. Deepening innovation cooperation is an important consensus of the leaders of the two countries. In this context, the cooperation between compass and ZAFH will adhere to the concept of “financial driven, scientific and technological innovation”. Breaking through the barriers of cooperation between China and Israel’s scientific and technological enterprises not only effectively forms a good relationship between the two countries in fields of technology research and development, industrial upgrading, market promotion, strategic development, talent exchange and other aspects, but also will allow to drive the world’s leading scientific and technological projects, to form an industrial cluster and become a new economic growth point.

Israel is the most famous leader of technological innovation in the world. It has a long history of science and technology exchanges with China. There is a solid foundation and space for cooperation between the two countries. Israel is rich in science and technology resources, and China has a huge market and talent resources. Both sides have a great opportunity for cooperation. As we all know, since the establishment of the Nobel Prize, Jews Nobel laureates are over 20% in chemistry, 25% in physics, 27% in physiology and medicine, and 41% in economics, which is amazing considering the small population of Jewish people in the world. Israel’s innovation spirit is without a doubt second to none. In addition to Silicon Valley, Israel is definitely one of the most active regions of scientific and technological innovation in the world. To this day, it has incubated more than 6,000 start-ups and has 430 leading R&D centers of world-famous enterprises. The number of high-tech companies acquired by technology giants such as Microsoft, Intel, and Cisco in Israel is more than 10. It’s no mistake to be listed as the technology engine of the global top 500 enterprises.