Compass-LDD soil and water remediation experts Dr. Raphi Mandelbaum, Dr. Gal Mandelbaum and their team, attended the first 2016 China-Israel Technology Innovation and Investment Summit in Beijing. The event was organized by China’s Ministry of Science & Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs of Israel and the Israeli Embassy.

Compass-LDD is Israel’s largest and longest established environmental remediation company, specializing in soil and water treatment, hazardous waste management, among other environmental technologies. During his keynote speech, Dr. Raphi Mandelbaum shared his expertise and advanced knowledge in ecological rehabilitation. During the event, several high level B2B meetings took place. Compass-LDD held meetings with numerous companies and shared with them, in particular, experience in Brown Field treatment and underground water treatment.

During this trip, Dr. Mandelbaum’s team also met a Chinese ecological treatment giant and conducted in-depth exchanges with its expert team concerning black and odorous water treatment projects. The two sides agreed to have further cooperation on the issue of black and odorous water treatment projects, using Israeli expertise in a Sponge City Project in China.

Throughout this conference, Compass-LDD brought new leading spot-light technology solutions for the severe and rising soil and water problems facing China, and demonstrated the company’s technological and expertise advantage. Compass-LDD’s superior technology has the ability to address many of China’s current and severe environmental problems, and may be utilized in the near future.