Budapest, Hungary, May 2019 – Compass Ventures Group took part in the Venture Capital Summit in which Dr. Ronen Dagon, Chairman of Compass Ventures Group, Ex world bank executive and former Senior Advisor to the Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres, was invited as a keynote speaker. The summit was a great success hosting some of the largest and most important venture capitals in Hungary and key players within a variety of industries.

Ronen Dagon Presenting in Venture Capital SUmmit

Dr. Ronen Dagon talked about Compass’s success story, how Compass turned from idea to reality, quickly growing to become one of Israel’s biggest technology powerhouse, serving as a link between China and Israel. Compass began operating in China over 12 years ago, and in a short period of time came to be the success that it is now. Today, Compass is a key player in the Chinese market, bringing Chinese investors looking to invest or acquire technology-driven companies mainly in round C funding and bringing them to the Chinese market. In fact, due to Compass’s success, Compass has recently created a platform, the China-Israel Innovation Center, located in Haidan, known as Beijing’s silicon valley, for bringing together Israeli companies and Chinese investors and held its pre-opening event on April 2019.

Later, Dr. Ronen Dagon discussed how the Hungrian market should collaborate and work with Chinese entities, giving examples from Compass experience. Despite the Chinese market facing issues in recruiting new innovative technologies, Compass has managed to succeed in China. With the collaboration between Compass and various key Chinese players, Compass has emerged successful despite all the challenges.

Following Dr. Ronen Dagon’s presentation, a series of meetings were held between some of Hungary’s leading venture capitals and the most influential players of the investment industry and Compass management including Dr. Ronen Dagon – Compass Chairman and Mr. Moshe Kamar Compass CEO. The meetings were held behind closed doors. In these meetings, different Collaboration models were discussed related to collaboration in Israel, in Hungary, and in China.