In July, the Compass Supergum delegate, led by Mr. Moshe Kamar, CEO of Compass Venture Group, visited the Hubei Huaqiang High-Tech Company.

The Hubei Huaqiang High-Tech Company is a state-owned enterprise belonging to China South Industry Group Corporation. Huaqiang High-Tech Company’s core business covers medical halobutyl rubber stoppers and equipment for personal & mass protection and it has eight subsidiary companies and over 1000 members of staff and it is renowned as the leading manufacturer of medicinal packing material and as the national supporting-focused high-tech enterprise.

Following an exciting and impressive visit to the production line, test and lab center at Huaqiang, Mr. Wang Dongmin, Chairman of the Huaqiang Company, and Mr. Cheng Zegang, the Vice GM, gave a warm welcome to the Compass Supergum delegate during an introductory meeting presenting the Huaqiang Company and its product categories.

As both companies showed great interest in cooperation with certain products, it was agreed to set up teams to explore future collaboration.