On September 5th Director General of the Israeli Environmental Protection Ministry, David Leffler, and Compass’s Management team met with Beijing Enterprise Water Group’s (BEWG) Management team to discuss collaboration.

BEWG presented their main activities and their needs in technological solutions for water treatment. BEWG have many facilities distributed all over China to treat water and have recently spread to Malaysia and Portugal.

BEWG is the biggest water company in China and collaboration with Israel and Compass in technologies for water treatment can benefit both sides. According to BEWG they are ready and eager to start collaboration. BEWG is currently working with Compass and IDE in certain projects that seem to be prospering and also seem to be interested in Compass’s vision to create a combined technological greenhouse with Israel, in the subject of water treatment. By the end of the meeting BEWG gave a list of areas in which they would like to see future collaborations with Israel and Compass.