On June 30, Israel Compass Ventures Group CEO Moshe Kamar Visited Haimen Linjiang New District. Secretary of the Party Mr. Xu Jun and General Manager of Haimen Biomedical Science and Technology Business Incubator Mr. Huang Jianhui warmly hosted the delegation.

Mr. Xu first warmly welcomed the guests for the visit. Then Moshe Kamar introduced subsidiaries under Compass Ventures Group in different fields and mainly introduced the water treatment company – Compass Aqwise, including its operation model and principle of water treatment technology. Compass Aqwise biomass carrier has more than 650m2/m3 specific surface area; and comparing with the average 500 m2/m3, Compass Aqwise’s carrier is more fully contacted with the reactants, which achieves the goal of high efficiency of waste water treatment. After that, both sides exchanged points of views and had a preliminary communication on cooperation plan.

 Then Mr. Xu accompanied the delegation to visit Haimen Branch Base of China State Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry, GMP Workshop,  Yangtze River Embankment and Linglong Lake Park. Mr. Kamar liked the ecological environment of the new district and expressed the hope for further cooperation with the park.