On December 5th afternoon, Chairman Dr. Ronen Dagon and CEO Mr. Moshe Kamar led a five member delegation to visit Dongjiang Shuiwu Company. Chairman Mr.Luo Peiqiang, Chief Engineer Mr. Sheng Deyang and related engineers participated in the discussions.

During the meeting, Dr. Ronen Dagon gave Dongjiang Shuiwu a detailed introduction of Compass’s operation and business cases, Compass CEO Mr. Moshe Kamar described their water technology and scientific research.

Compass Ventures Group has nearly 20 subsidiaries. The company’s business model includes introducing advanced Israeli technology to China and India. Compass’s portfolio includes environmental protection, medical, energy saving and agriculture. Currently, places significant focus on water treatment technologies.

Mr. Luo Peiqiang, Chairman of Dongjiang Shuiwu Co. said Israel has world-leading technologies on water treatment, and he looks forward to future collaboration.