July 2nd, Mr. Josef Melchner, Compass-Subflex CEO, visited Dalian Zhangzidao Group together with the Compass Group. Executive President Mr. Liang Jun warmly welcomed the delegation. During the meeting, Mr. Liang gave a brief introduction about Zhangzidao Group. The group has developed a complete industrial chain with sea scallops, sea cucumbers, abalones, sea urchin, sea snails and other precious marine products. Meanwhile, Mr. Melchner expressed the advantage of Compass-Subflex’s fish farming technology. Mr. Liang showed much interest and said it is important to study the fish species to grow because the big difference of water temperature. Both sides agreed to pursue some opportunities to cooperate in the future, especially in the Yellow Sea area.

On July 3rd, Mr. Josef Melchner went with the Compass Groupto Qingdao and met representative company of net cage fish farming in Qingdao – Luhaifeng Group. Mr. Wang Xiangang, General Director from the Group, and  Mr. Li Jiqiang, Director of Qingdao Fishing Technology Promotion Center under Qingdao Aquaculture Bureau, warmly hosted the visitors. The delegation had a site visit of Luhaifeng Group’s net cage fish farm. The group has over 150 fish cages currently and achieve good yield. After Mr. Melchner’s introduction about Compass-Subflex, the group thinks it will improve the productivity if both sides have some cooperation. Professors and researchers from Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institutes of Chinese Academy of Fishery Science also attended this meeting.

 Compass-Subflex is a company, presenting an Israeli technology and solution with a  unique single point mooring (SPM) net cage solution for open ocean aquaculture. This unique technology is the 3rd generation of offshore aquaculture, advancing fish farming into the open seas where water quality is superior and fish farming can co-exist with the environment in their natural habitat.