In recent years, economic ties between China and Israel have remained strong. In 2015 alone, Chinese companies invested over $500 million in Israeli high-tech, accounting for almost 40% of the total capital investment raised that same year.  So why are the Chinese investing in Israel?

The “China-Israel Growth“ event held on June 26th at the Eretz Israel Museum in Ramat Aviv, Israel, was set up to answer that exact question, giving leading government officials and business experts a platform to share their expertise and knowledge on the growth of the China-Israel relationship.

Just two weeks prior to this event, Compass Ventures, a leading international holding group specializing in sourcing and investing in new innovative technologies, signed in Israel a groundbreaking cooperation agreement to create a China-Israel innovation technology fund. The cooperation agreement represents one of the largest funds of this type and will allow Compass together with its key Chinese partners to further invest in innovative solutions and support the economic development in China.


Today, Chinese companies are looking to grow economically by improving their own technologies and industries, understanding Israel can be a great source for the latest in research, science and innovative technologies. That is why China views Israel as the perfect partner to deliver global leading innovation.


The “China-Israel Growth“ event, organized by the Israeli Chip Club which promotes technology and international business management, was kicked-off by Mr. Shlomo Gradman, Israel’s senior executive with vast experience in large-scale high-tech companies. Mr. Gradman welcomed the participants and explained the importance of giving people who have achieved success in China a platform to share their winning strategies and success stories.


Dr. Ronen Dagon, Chairman of Compass Ventures, who has achieved success internationally, first as a senior executive at the World Bank, and more recently as the Chairman of Compass Ventures Group was invited to join the key panel of experts to share his experience and knowledge on the economic potential of the China-Israel relationship.  Dr. Dagon revealed the opportunities, and the challenges of doing business in China, as well as detailing the strategies that he has utilized to overcome these challenges. Dr. Dagon also spoke with enthusiasm on the growing ties between China and Israel, the potential of the relationship between these two nations, while adding his personal excitement about how Compass Ventures plans to continue to bring global leading innovative technology solutions to China.


Additional high-tech speakers took part in the eventwhich included the participation of top-level members of the China Embassy in Israel, the President of the Zhongguancun Private Equity and Venture Capital Association, Mr. Jason Wang and the Chairman of Compass Ventures Group, Dr. Ronen Dagon were all invited to share their perspectives.