On June 12th, the Chairman of Tus Holding Group, Mr. Wang Jiwu, hosted the Compass & Israel Export Institute delegation, led by Mr. Moshe Kamar, CEO of Compass Ventures, accompanied by Mr. Adiv Baruch, chairman of the Israeli Export Institute, in Tus Park. Among the Tus representatives were Mr. Hou Shuli, chairman of Tus Cloud Computing, Mr. Ma Xiaowei, President of Tus City, and Mr. Yang Ming, the VP of Tus Service. In addition to Mr. Moshe Kamar, the Compass team consisted of Mr. Gray Xu, CEO assistant and business development director, and Mr. Idan Dagon, Marketing Director.

Prior to the meeting, Mr. Yang Ming hosted the Israel Export Institute & Compass delegation at the TUS exhibition facility to present the industrial layout along with Tus’s long list of accomplishments over the years both in China and abroad. To date, Tus have already built and are currently managing over 400 incubators and technology parks worldwide.
Tus is currently looking to expand the Israeli Market along with Compass as its strategic partner.

Later, Mr. Wang Jiwu warmly welcomed the Israel Export Institute & Compass delegation at TUS’s hosting facility. Mr. Wang began by stating that he is not just a businessman, but also a scholar. He has been studying Israel and the Jewish nation for so long and considers Israel and the Jewish people as great contributors to the world and the development of civilization. “China and Israel share many similarities in history, education, philosophy and so on, therefore there must be some sort of connection between the two ethnics.” He strongly believes that the collaboration between the two nations that signify, and respect history can be a great success, not solely for the benefits of Israel and China, but also for mankind in its entirety. He pointed out that Tus’s plan is to make a successful CIIC in Beijing, and then expand the activities to Israel in partnership with Compass, and to other countries around the world.

Mr. Baruch agreed with Mr. Wang and stated that Israel already saw China as its most important partner 15 years ago because the two nations share the same vision. In addition to that, he thinks that Tus and Compass are the right partners for high-tech & innovation. Furthermore, Mr. Baruch went on to add that his organization and himself, will fully support the cooperation in both China and Israel.

Mr. Moshe Kamar expressed gratitude to Tus for taking the opportunity to host the Israel Export Institute & Compass delegation, and for supporting the CIIC in Beijing. On behalf of Compass, Mr. Kamar will do everything to guarantee the success of the collaboration. The vision of Compass is to make this partnership a flagship collaboration between China and Israel.