The Re-Step training system was one of the innovative Israeli technologies that were demonstrated to President Peres  during his visit to the Reuth Medical Center in Tel-Aviv. Re-Step™- a mechatronic system that diagnoses, trains and rehabilitates walking – was developed by Step Of Mind, a cutting-edge Israeli company and partner of Compass Ventures. The concept of the technology was founded upon in-depth understanding of neuroscience, enabling the application of the  chaos theory to neurorehabilitation.

During the demonstration Adi Farage , a young student with Cerebral Palsy that took a course of Step of Mind training and gained stability while walking  without crutches. This demonstrated the effectiveness of the system to President Peres. “I was happy to demonstrate the technology to our President” said Adi, “I was born with Cerebral Palsy and had to work very hard to be able to walk, a function that to others seems so obvious”.

Re-step applies patented technology to induce a challenging and unexpected environment with every step. The training resembles walking on uneven surfaces, such as walking on stones and/or on sand at the seashore. It has been found that a challenging training of this kind is very effective for the rehabilitation in regards to walking for people with brain injuries.

Dr. Jacob Witkowski, CEO of Step of Mind, said that, “Step of Mind is an expression of Israel’s technological and intellectual contributions to all the disabled and populations with special needs. The many stories of people that our system changed their life is our pride and satisfaction”.