SpiderTech is a premier worldwide operations company specializing in the implementation of Smart and Safe City solutions. Based on Internet of Things (IoT) technology, SpiderTech offers innovative solutions in Smart City, Safe City and Public Security.

During the month of September, in collaboration with the Compass Ventures Group, SpiderTech was invited by the Chinese government to take part in China’s 5th Science & Technology City International Hi-tech Expo, and share with the Chinese market, the SpiderTech portfolio and latest worldwide ground-breaking tech.

At the Mianyang exhibition, nationally known for its science and technology focus and ranked as one of China’s top 10 technology fairs, SpiderTech presented its strategic portfolio. The portfolio was built on the vision that information networks are the basis on which any advanced technology and intelligent connectivity should be built upon. It is a specific information network that connects and communicates between different innovative technologies, city infrastructures, and people. As a result, this enables the creation of smart and safe cities that are safe to live in and provide a higher quality of life.


At the exhibition SpiderTech showcased its three strategic pillars: command and control systems, technologies portfolio and project management expertise. The SpiderTech activity and portfolio are centered on three areas of expertise: Protection of Critical Infrastructure, Safe City and Smart City.


Each pillar had a dedicated section in the exhibition, presenting the latest cutting-edge innovation, solutions and breakthroughs to help cities, governments and companies understand the challenges they face ahead and how to approach them in an innovative and strategic approach.


The Critical Infrastructure zone demonstrated the importance of protecting a city’s critical facilities such as power stations, nuclear facilities, airports, seaports, train stations and various government buildings. At the core of this section was the Command and Control System which provides comprehensive solutions for cutting-edge yet cost-effective city management infrastructure, helping to identify and manage a city’s various resources.


In the Safe City area, SpiderTech demonstrated its range of security-enabled solutions suitable for organizations, governments, private entities and individual citizens. The companies presented showcased a range of innovative solutions tacking surveillance and tracking, disaster management, city-wide communications, fire and law enforcement, first response, pollution, and traffic management platforms.


In the Smart City zone, SpiderTech displayed a range of solutions that integrate the most advanced technologies aimed to promote city modernization and sustainable development, while intenting to maximize a city’s quality of life and efficiency. The comprehensive portfolio of technologies showcased solutions ranging from smart building and lighting, smart transportation, parking and population management, smart tele-health, food safety and recycling, as well as additional smart services adapted for fintech, billing, open data and overall smart governance.


The exhibition attracted thousands of visitors each day, and greatly increased awareness of the functions of a Smart and Safe City, and the future needs of cities, as well asthe solutions offered today by SpiderTech. The exhibition turned out to be a great success and one of the key attractions was the vibrancy of the SpiderTech team that came to share with the Chinese market the innovative smart & safe solutions ready today for deployment to create a smarter and safer world.



About the Mianyang China Science & Technology City International Hi-tech Expo

The  Mianyang China Science & Technology City International Hi-tech Expo has emerged as an empowering platform that enables exchanges of the trial of national comprehensive innovation and reform, boosts the exhibition and exchanges of international and domestic military-civilian integration, facilitates the display and exchanges of domestic and overseas scientific and technological achievements and talents, prompts the issue of national scientific and technological information, policies, and projects, and drives the investment and promotion of high and new technologies and strategic emerging industries. Efforts have been made to shape High-Tech Expo as an internationally renowned exhibition brand highlighting military-civilian integration. From 2014 to 2016, High-Tech Expo has been awarded the title of “China’s Top 10 Exhibition Brands” on three occasions, and was identified as a leading exhibition guided and supported by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China in 2015, and is one of the two major exhibitions of Sichuan on par with the Western China International Fair.


For more information visit: http://kbh.my.gov.cn/index_en.php